Strip Lighting

Not all LED strips are created equally!  
Why come to AZ Light for your Strip Light needs?
  • Knowledgable staff – Try finding that at a box store.
  • Selection of strip lights – RGBW, RGB, CCT, Single Color, High CRI Kitchen Strip light
  • Meanwell and Magitude drivers
  • 110V, 24V, 12V
  • Controls, Controls, Controls – ask about our best selling cell phone controller.
  • Parts- connectors, wire, amplifiers
  • Selection of aluminum channel
  • Quality- Our in house electronic engineers screen all products for performance and reliability.
  • Warranties
  • Showroom

Products for Contractors and Home Owners
AZ-Light has all the supplies for your Under-Cabinet Lighting or Deck Lighting. Our staff will assist you for all your needs
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