LED Lights
LS Core™, a patented technology and developed in Buffalo, NY, slashes energy consumption compared to fluorescent technology and significantly reduces energy consumption compared to traditional LED technology.  

This technology is revolutionary. Imagine… a circuit without a printed circuit board and its inherent weaknesses.

LS Core™ is a green revolution in itself! LS Core™ is a cutting edge technology for the new millennium. The toxicity introduced into the environment by the production of printed circuit boards is eliminated. 

Andrey Zykin explains some of the advantages of LS Core™ technology in this video.
This video compares the LS Core™ filament LED bulb to the standard incandescent bulb and describes some of the advantages of the LS Core™ filament LED bulb.

High-Quality LED Lights for the Amherst, NY area

At AZ Light, LED lights are our specialty. We offer a number of solutions for homes and businesses, ranging from simple bulbs for your bedside lamp to complex lighting arrays for warehouses, stadiums, and more. Whether your home is big or small or you run a small office or a huge industrial facility, AZ Light can create the lighting solution for you.

As the main distributor for NLCO products, we have complete access to their full range of lighting solutions. View the following pages to learn more about your options for your home or place of business. 

AZ Light is located in Buffalo, NY, but serves the surrounding Amherst and Williamsville, NY areas. Simply stop in today to check out our awesome LED lights!

LED Lights Amherst, NY
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